Dead Cells MAC OS X Download

If You lik old-fashioned game, I mean: pixels and view from the back, that game is created just for You. You will have great time, exploring the gloomy castle. Everything You have to do to play, is to click a “Download” button.

Dead Cells Mac Download
Dead Cells Mac download

Dead Cells for system MAC OS X

In the game, You are exploring the castle, full of enemies. The environment consists of rooms, towers, courtyards and canals. But be careful: if You die, all of Your progress will be lost.

Dead cells – new old-fashioned game

The most important part of the game is fighting with enemies. All of them are dangerous for You: not only a big boss can kill You, even a small monster might do that. The clue to win with them is tactic. You have to find out the scheme, how they are fighting. Then adjust Your style to their style of fighting. But even if You have the best tactic, You will die without well-developed character. You can use weapons (for example bow, sword and spear) and powerful offensive or defensive magic spells.

The game`s world is projected in a non-linear way. There are many ways to the same place. Some of them are hidden and You have for example pull the lever. It might open a secret doors, that You will meet in some time.

If that is going about dying it is better not to do that. Why? There are no checkpoints and You will have to start from the beginning. But don`t be angry: You died, lost Your progress, but new areas in the castle have been unlocked.

Dead Cells Mac Download? How to download Dead Cells for MAC System?

Everything You have to do is to click a “Download” button. On Your computer will be downloaded a program installer, which will download a full version of the and then guide You to the next steps of installation.

Dead Cells Mac Download

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